Hi, this is Loren Lockman. And I’m coming to you from the Tanglewood Wellness Center in our brand new location that just opened yesterday, at a new location in Guanacaste, Costa Rica And I’m here with my longtime, 10 years or so friend, and now finally client, Shelly, who’s come from New England. We’re going to be talking with Shelly throughout his 6 weeks process, about what’s going for him now and how things change form, so you’ll have the chance actually to see what happens So Shelly, if you would, first of all, maybe you can tell everybody a little bit about how you came to know about the Tanglewood in the first place.

SHELLY I met a friend from work, his name was Jon and he introduced me into raw foods and fasting, and Jon had you come up one time and we all got together LOREN Several times actually SHELLY Well, starting with, yes, there were several times, absolutely. LOREN You met us one of those times. And it’s been great being in touch all these years So, it’s been about 10 years since we met, and you were on the path for a while, and then shifted it off the path again for a while.

What was that that prompted you to contact me a month or so ago SHELLY I have been getting worse, and went to my son’s graduation and had some sort of attack, it was very scary, and I knew that I had a foot in the grave, it was time to do something. I was idle about a surgery, but surgery is not the answer. LOREN Ok, and you’re talking about for everybody’s benefit here, ’cause you and I both know this, but you have a history of heart issues in your family.

Choosing to Live Shellys fast for heart disease, high bp, and Rheumatoid Arthritis.day 2 of 32

I know this is painful, you have recently lost your 48 yearsold brother, you lost your father, you lost your grandfather and several other members of yor family. And you started to experience heart issues SHELLY Oh, yes. LOREN So, blood preassure was very high, some other things going on. It must has been very scary SHELLY It was the scariest thing I ever had to deal with LOREN I can imagine. So tell everybody that you’ve been here just for not even 24 hours, right. Has anything shifted for you yet.

SHELLY Well, I’ve had really almost no issue in my chest. My neck just feels fine. LOREN ‘Cause you had have an issue SHELLY Oh, very harsh LOREN We’ve been in pretty close communication for the last month, and you had some pretty significant scares, didn’t you SHELLY Yes, absolutely. LOREN You were worried about if you’d survive to get here SHELLY That was a big concern, absolutely. LOREN And what did you do SHELLY Well, I took some good advice from somebody, yourself, and I switched to raw food diet inmediately, fruits and greens, and the first few days were.

Tough but I tell you, after 4 days I felt better than I had in months. The heart issues, the palpitations, the neck it almost completely dissapeared. LOREN That’s terrific. That’s just under a month, and you mentioned that you lastly weight. SHELLY In january I weighed 374 pounds LOREN 374 pounds in january. Have that changed much up until the last month or two SHELLY I didn’t think so, I mean, I have been eating, or trying to eat better which wasn’t really happening, I think I’ve just eaten a little bit less of the bad stuff but I think the real significant changes happened the last 3 weeks.

LOREN The last 3 weeks, and so were you quite surprised today, weren’t you SHELLY Yes, I was LOREN To see that you are down 61 pounds, from where you were in january And that’s terrific. That’s a wonderful thing, your blood preassure also is not nearly as high as you thought it might be from the last time it was read. Now I don’t expect that’s been too much change in 24 hours, but we’re gonna start to see some significant shift. So, anything else you would like to talk about.

SHELLY Well, it’s been fascinating being here finally, to be in these sorroundings it’s so peaceful and makes it so much easier. I couldn’t possibly have done this at home. No matter what intentions I had and my family too, this is too much happening, too much going on, bills are coming in, all that kind of stuff. And thankfully the support in being here, so. This is the place to be right now. LOREN And it’s taken you a while to get here, was that because you were concerned about my ability to supervise you through the process.

SHELLY That was of my fear of leaving my family for a while LOREN Ok, but are you feeling comfortable here now SHELLY I am, and you’re doing good, and I’m so glad you’re doing good. They want me to be here to get this thing cared of LOREN Do they miss you they want you to be home but they want you to be healthy SHELLY Yes, the other option wasn’t too good. So, we don’t want to go that way. LOREN Right. There should be no need for any medical intervention as long as you stay in the course.


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