Hey. So I wanted to make a tutorial today about something that’s important to me and a big part of my life. And that’s dealing with my extremely dry skin and eczema. So just to give you a little bit of a backstory I first developed eczema when I was in college And I’ve been trying to cure myself of it ever since. So it’s been about 5 or 6 years now, that I’ve had it. And along the way, I’ve had a lot of time to discover which products and things work to relieve my eczema.

And which don’t do anything for me at all. So I wanted to make this tutorial to show you some of my favorite things for soothing my eczema and moisturizing my skin when it’s really dry especially in the wintertime. I just want to make a little disclamer that I don’t think any of these products will cure your eczema or completely cure your dry skin. I do believe that eczema is an internal issue. It could be a reaction to something in your diet that doesn’t agree with you, like sugar.

Or dairy, or gluten. It could be a reaction to some sort of irritant in your environment, like a harsh soap. It could just be due to a number of internal issues, and I won’t get into what those could be in this tutorial because that’s a separate tutorial of it’s own. So, with that being said, today I wanted to share with you the products I use on a regular basis. I’m going to show the skincare products first and then move on to body care. So if you’re interested in seeing.

Skincare Body Care for Very Dry Skin and Eczema

Which things I use to take care of my very dry skin then please keep watching. So first we’re going to talk about cleansers And if you have dry skin You don’t want to be using a harsh cleanser Or any sort of exfoliating cleanser on a daily basis because that will strip your skin and dry it out further. You want to go for something nourishing. So either a creambased cleanser or an oil based cleanser. And the one I’ve been reaching for recently is the Eve Lom ‘Creme Cleanser’.

So, the way you use this product is you just take a small amount of it in your hands and rub them together and then massage it into your face when it’s dry And after you do that for about 30 seconds or so you take some water and add it to your face and rub that in and it turns the cleanser into more of a milky texture. And after you’ve rubbed it in for a minute longer and dissolved all your makeup you then take a wet muslin cloth.

And use that to wipe away whatever cleanser and makeup is still on your face. This product is really awesome. After you use it you feel like your skin is clean, all of your makeup and any grime from your day is completely gone. But your skin doesn’t feel stripped. It just feels clean, but really soft and sort of nourished. So I definitely recommend this cleanser. And an equally good cleanser is the Ren Rose Cenifolia No.1 Purity Cleansing Balm. This one works equally as good as the Eve Lom cleanser.

In my opinion. I think these cost both around $50 but this one is 5.1 oz and this one is only 1.7 oz. So you definitely get a lot more for your money with the Ren cleanser. Ok, so after I’ve cleansed my face I then apply my serum. And for my serum, I actually mix together 3 things. And they are hyaluronic acid, argan oil and rosehip oil. So incase you’ve never heard of these products or used them before, the hyaluronic acid helps retain moisture in your skin. The argan oil contains Vitamin E,.

And essential fatty acids. And the rosehip oil contains Vitamins E, C, A and more essential fatty acids. So they contain a lot of great ingredients for your skin and the way I like to use these 3 together is I just take 23 drops of each of them mix them together in my palm, and gently pat them into my face and my neck. And this mixture usually absorbs pretty quickly. Within a minute or two, I notice it’s really sunk in and doesn’t feel greasy or heavy on my face.

And you can get all 3 of these products on Amazon. They’re usually about 15 or 20 dollars each. It doesn’t really matter what brand you go for just make sure for the argan oil and rosehip oil try to find ones that are coldpressed and organic cause those will be the highest quality in my opinion. Ok, so next let’s move on to my moisturizer. I recently actually discovered this product and it’s really actually been a lifesaver. Towards the end of this winter, my skin was becoming more and more dry.

And it didn’t seem like any of the moisturizers I currently owned were really, really doing the job of sinking in and deeply nourishing my skin until I found this one. And it is the Manuka Honey Skin Cream by Zibadel Creations. So I just want to start out by reading you the ingredients in this product because I think they’re so amazing. It only contains olive oil, beeswax, filtered water, grapeseed oil, manuka honey, and manuka oil extract. So that’s it. Just 6 ingredients and and they’re all really good ingredients for your skin.

In my opinion, with skincare, especially with your moisturizer, oftentimes the simpler, the better. When I look at the ingredients on a moisturizer and I see like 20 or 30 ingredients it’s a bit of a red flag for me because often those moisturizers don’t really work for me. Like I said, this one definitely does the job. You only need to use a tiny amount of this on your face because it’s so super moisturizing. I personally use it as both a day cream and a night cream because, as I’ve said a million times.

In this tutorial, my skin is really dry. But if your skin is less dry than mine you might find it’s a little heavy for use in the day but it’d make an awesome night cream. Ok, so moving beyond moisturizer for those of you that have really dry patches on your face or eczema flareups that happen on your face, I have 2 products I want to recommend for that specifically. So, the first product I want to recommend is pure Shea butter. And I personally buy my shea butter on Amazon.

In, like, a one pound tub. And, again, it doesn’t really matter what seller or brand you use, just make sure you go for pure unrefined shea butter. So it should come in a tub and be like a grayish yellow or yellow color. So I find shea butter to be very very soothing and moisturizing when I apply it to my eczema patches. And it also contains a lot of great vitamins that, again are going to sink in and nourish and protect your skin. So the way that I like to use shea butter.

Is I take some of it and I put it into sort of a double boiler and I melt it down with some coconut oil and sometimes some vitamin E And I just stir it all together, mix it up, And once it cools down it becomes more of a moussey, whipped texture that I go ahead and use on my body. So I’m actually almost all out of the shea butter I currently own but here’s what it looks like if you’ve never seen it before. So like I said, it’ll be sort of like a.

Whiteish, grayish, yellowish color. So, the second product I’m going to recommend for severely dry patches or eczema patches on your face, or really anywhere on your body It’s not for the faint of heart and it’s certainly not for you vegans watching this tutorial. And you’ll see why in a second. So the product I’m talking about is by the Healthy Porcupine and it’s their unscented Body Balm. And what this essentially is, is tallow from 100 grassfed and grassfinished cows mixed with extra virgin olive oil. So yea it’s pretty much melted down beef fat.

Mixed with olive oil. And that sounds a little disgusting, but. I bought this in a moment of desperation when even my shea butter wasn’t working to heal my eczema patches And the reasoning behind this product, is since it’s an animal fat, it’s going to be more similar in structure to that fats in our own skin. And therefore it’s going to be absorbed more quickly and easily than any plantbased oil or butter So I’m not a scientist. I can’t guarantee that that reasoning makes sense but I will say that this product definitely works.

I would say that this, beyond anything else has done the most to deeply nourish and moisturize my skin even when I’m having a really rough eczema breakout. I will go ahead and make the disclaimer that this is beef fat and it kind of smells like beef fat The good thing is, once you rub this into your skin, you don’t smell it anymore but if you were to take it and smell the product directly you definitely notice a faint odor. This company also makes this product in scented versions.

Like, I know that they have a lavender scented one. But I just wanted to go for the pure, unscented one because I know that’s the best for sensitive or really dry skin. So, yea. I mean, go for this if you’re brave and want to try something alternative that might really help you. But if you’re easily grossed out by the thought of using beef tallow on your body or if you’re a vegan or vegetarian, go for the shea butter. They’re both awesome products that will help you I would say the beef tallow is slightly.

More moisturizing to me, but they’re both really awesome. And you can use either of these on your face or anywhere on your body where you have really rough dry patches or eczema breakouts. So now moving more in the direction of my body care When it comes to the body wash I use in the shower, I’m not super picky on the brand. But I do try to go for more natural brands and things that don’t contain any artificial fragrances, dyes, or sodium lauryl sulfate because I find that that really dries out my skin.

The current body wash that I’m using is Pineapple Coconut coconut oil body wash by the brand Deep Steep. And it’s good. It doesnt strip my skin, it does the job. Another one that I’ve used in the past is this Pacifica body wash, and again it’s really good it cleans your skin without stripping it Some other brands that I also like to use are Alba Botanica and Avalon Organics. And you can usually find these brands at Whole Foods or at a health food store. But I usually find my body wash at Marshall’s or TJ Maxx.

Because I find that you can find really good natural brands there at a discount. So the last product I wanted to share with you today is what I’ve been using as my sort of, lighter body moisturizer. So the shea butter and beef tallow that that I showed you earlier in the tutorial, I tend to use those either right after my shower or before I go to bed at night, mostly on my legs or anywhere on my skin that’s suffering from extreme dry skin or eczema breakouts. But then.

Throughout the day when I want something that will moisturize my hands but also sinks in pretty quickly, I’ve been reaching for the Deep Steep Argan Oil body lotion. And this product has really good ingredients It’s not going to irritate super dry or sensitive skin and like I said, it’s going to sink in nice and quickly. Pacifica’s body lotion is also really good, I don’t have one on me at the moment to show you but it’s equally as good. Alright everyone. Those are all of the skincare and body care products I have to show you today.


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