Bee Caves Dermatology specializes in total skin care for the entire family. Located in Westlake Hills in Austin, Texas, we provide general, medical, surgical, and cosmetic dermatology for patients of all ages. Dr. Mary Ann Martinez.a board certified dermatologist personally sees each and every patient. and treats all skin types and conditions from head to toe. Dr. Martinez performs all procedures in the office including anti aging treatments such as Botox, Juvederm XC, and chemical peels. We carry a full line of anti aging skin care products, sunscreens and acne treatments from.

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Apremilast useful in psoriatic arthritis

Apremilast useful in psoriatic arthritis Phoebe Starr writing in Valuebased Care in rheumatology reported an investigational oral drug, apremilast, was found to be effective in a phase 3 clinical trial the PALACE1 study. It was effective in combination with disease modifying antirheumatic drugs but was even more effective as a single agent. The drug inhibits phosphodiestarase 4 and blocks inflammatory proteins while increasing the amount of antiinflammatory proteins. Safety was also acceptable. Both the 20 mg and the 30 mg dose were statistically superior to placebo. Comment Encouraging data for a drug that appears to be specific for psoriatic arthritis.


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