Now you never want to drink acid water but it’s really great for gargling I don’t even need to buy mouthwash anymore before I brush my teeth i pour a glass of acidic level 1 and keep it on the sink after I brush I rinse my mouth with it and let me tell you it’s a great feeling very fresh and clean I also wash my face with the acidic level 1 Tyent callesit beauty water and that’s exactly what it is it’s the same pH as your skin and will help your skin look clear and radiant.

I saved a ton of money on skin care products since getting my ionizer and try washing your hair with a little level 1 acid water and watch some magic happen now acidic level 2 is a great antiseptic so when my kids skin their knees or get little cuts I wash their minor wounds with that and i cant feel good about it because I always prefer using all natural remedies when I can now check this out the acidic water has a turbo function as well I is this highly acidic water to clean and sanitize my kitchen counters.

Bathroom sinks almost any other place I would have used abrasive cleaners before using this water is great because I don’t have those nasty chemical smells after I’ve cleaned and my hands don’t feel rough next I’m gonna show you be h2o icon pressing this will give you pure clean water that’s neither alkaline or acidic it simply water that’s been filtered through Tyent excellent filters our culture filters have the same filtering capability as the kidney dialysis machine to give you the purest water you would use this water if you were taking time release medicine.

DermTV Very Itchy Fingers, a.k.a. Dishydrosis DermTV Epi ‘6

Hello, I’m Dr. Neal Schultz pause And welcome to DermTV. This may be the season for itchy skin, but chances are if it’s your fingers that are itching, it’s not because they’re dry. Most of the time, itchy fingers are caused by a condition called Dishydrosis and the itch it causes can really drive you crazy. And it’s not just itching that Dishydrosis causes You actually get little bumps on the bottom and sides of your fingers. And the bumps are actually tiny blisters. Dishydrosis literally means, bad sweating, and it used to be thought that these crazily itchy bumps.

Were filled with sweat. That’s why it was named Dishydrosis. But the fluid isn’t sweat it’s actually serum, which is the clear fluid in your blood. The most common cause of Dishydrosis is extreme stress, although not every outbreak can be linked directly to a stressful situation. On a personal note, I can tell you that I’ve only experienced Dishydrosis once in my life. It was early in my medical training after a very stressful night of being up all night taking care of a lot of very sick patients. The next morning the hospital dermatologist was making rounds.

And I showed him my hands, and he said, Boy you must have had a really rough night. So. The itching and bumps both finally go away after a few days. As it gets better, there are these really interesting telltale little collars of dead flaky skin that peel off. Those tiny matchhead size collars of dead skin get larger. and then smaller. over a few days and are caused by the bubble of serum as it rises through the higher levels of the epidermis. It’s like taking horizontal slices through a sphere.

Starting tiny at the bottom, then getting larger, and finally smaller again. To treat the itching and bumps, topical cortisone creams and antiitch lotions with menthol are best. If that doesn’t stop the itch, cold water can usually give temporary relief, but never try to stop the itching with hot water. Even though hot water feels good and stops the itch, it also causes the itch to come back worse a few minutes later. After the itch and bumps are gone, the flaking skin can continue for a week. It can be camouflaged with a moisturizer,.

Calcium Bentonite Clay A Natural Remedy for Psoriasis

Welcome to Earth’s Living Clay’s YouTube channel. Today I’m standing at one of the most beautiful places in my opinion on the planet The Grand Canyon in northern Arizona. That’s what you see behind me. I wanted to share an email we received from a customer that I thought was important to share with you. She writes I’m on prescription medication for psoriasis. Will clay effect the medication Will clay help with my psoriasis So first of all, yes. The answer is yes, potentially the clay could effect the effectiveness, it.

Could impact the effectiveness of the medication. It really depends on what’s in the medication. The best thing is to check with your pharmacist. But the thing with checking with your pharmacist or any traditional Western medical doctor is that they may not know about clay. Many times if they don’t know or are ignorant about clay, they will say not to use clay even though it may be perfectly safe or in some cases more effective than a prescription medication. The best recommendation is to wait three to four hours between taking medication.

And drinking clay, regardless of what’s in the medication. The other thing to keep in mind with prescription medications, is that everything we take in is processed by the liver. Prescription medications also impact the functioning of the liver and have to be processed by the liver. For some people, that’s a reason not to have to take prescription medications and to find natural remedies like calcium bentonite clay. Will clay help with psoriasis Absolutely! There are three different things you can do with clay to help with psoriasis. First, if you have localized patches of psoriasis.

On certain areas of the body, say the knees, the feet or elbows, you can mix the clay and make a clay poultice. Mix one part clay to two parts water or maybe three parts water and apply that to the localized area of psoriasis. Put damp gauze on it and wrap it in plastic to keep it damp. Once it dries out, then you can rinse it off. There’s no harm in leaving the clay on even after it dries out. It does stop working after it’s dried out. Leave.

The clay on the area for as long as possible and then rinsing it off. This is for localized treatment. We have a product called Psoriasisn’t that is our Clay Mask with an essential oils specific for skin conditions. We also have Wound Warrior that is our Clay Mask or poultice that doesn’t have essential oils in it. Any of those products are good for localized patches of psoriasis. The second way to use calcium bentonite clay for psoriasis is our Bath Clay, to take baths in clay, particularly for scaling psoriasis or where there is joint pain associated with.

The psoriasis psoriatic arthritis. Take a clay bath with 8 ounces of clay to start for an adult can help to remove the scales. In fact, we have a testimonial on our website for our Bath Clay. A woman was able to remove 90 of the scales on her body with one clay bath. It also increases circulation in the body the clay does in the bath so for that reason, it many times brings relief to sore joints and sore muscles. The third and best way to treat psoriasis with calcium bentonite clay is our Drinking.

Powder mixed with water and take it every day. Psoriasis is a condition of the skin that emanates from the gut and because calcium bentonite clay does such a great job cleaning and detoxifying the intestine, it helps to eliminate allergens that cause the inflammation of the skin. The liver is the main organ of detoxification. The skin is the backup system of the liver so skin conditions are often signs of an overtaxed liver. By drinking clay you’re helping to support the liver, you’re helping to do some detoxification in your.

Intestine and remove the allergens that are specifically irritating to people with psoriasis. A really good book that we recommend is Healing Psoriasis by Dr. John Pagano. He talks about many natural remedies for psoriasis including diet and avoiding things like nightshades. He also recommends slippery elm and other things. He has a very good explanation that I just described to you of psoriasis emmanating from the gut and why keeping your gut clean is excellent in terms of remedying psoriasis naturally. I hope this was helpful to you. Do leave your comments and questions in the box below. Thanks.

DermTV What is a Black and Blue Mark DermTV Epi 363

Hello, I’m Dr. Neal Schultz pause And welcome to DermTV. Everyone at some time has experienced a black and blue mark, which is actually a flat skin bruise. They can occur anywhere on your skin and at any age, although they’re much more common in older adults. Very simply, they’re the result of bleeding in the skin from damaged or broken blood vessels, which usually comes from blunt trauma, like a fall or just from knocking into things. Usually, the damage is to capillaries or tiny veins, which we call venules, in the dermis, the second layer of skin,.

And much less commonly it’s from veins in the fat in the third layer of skin, called the subcutis. When blood vessels are damaged, blood leaks out from them into the surrounding tissues, called the interstitial spaces, and causes the flat black and blue spots which are just collections of free blood and have fancy names like purpura and hematoma. Usually, there is no tearing or breaking of other skin tissues. And the reason that you don’t bleed is because the upper layer of skin, the epidermis, hasn’t been broken, so the free blood can’t get out. The colors go from black and blue,.

To purple, rust and yellow, and sometimes, the area of the discoloration spreads down the body in the direction of gravity, especially on the face and legs. As we get older, our skin becomes thinner and the capillary walls become more brittle, so it’s very common for people in their 60’s and older to experience black and blue spots from literally pinching their skin or even just rolling over on their arm or hand during sleep. That’s called pinch purpura or less kindly, senile purpura. I even have a very wealthy patient.

Suppurativa Hidradenitis Solution

When you have a chronic skin condition that needs a Suppurativa Hidradenitis treatment, what do you feel like doing. what do you feel like doing nothing Suppurativa Hidradenitis Suppurativa Hidradenitis and painful skin infections are often painful stressful and even embarrassing boarded factor since so many ways and usually different nearly eighteen ueda isn’t round nonprescription modern homeopathic medication that will begin to eliminate redness information it changed an infection within the family allnatural is now available without prescription Suppurativa Hidradenitis synthesizers makes his move churchill downs and i’m in salary here.

Why is There Protein in My Urine While Pregnant

I’m going to have a bunch of tests next doctor’s appointment. Why is there protein in my urine while pregnant Some protein leaks out of the kidneys, into the urine, while you are pregnant. After all, you’re both eating and peeing for two. The doctor is concerned about something, but we don’t know what it is just yet. If the protein levels are up in the second trimester, this could be a sign of preeclampsia. That pushes up your blood pressure and strains the kidneys. What is it if my blood pressure is normal It wasn’t high at the last checkup.

A pregnant woman is generating a lot of urine, sitting in the bladder. That’s a perfect time for a urinary tract infection or bladder infection to occur. I don’t feel sick. Well, except for the morning sickness. In the early stages, you might not feel anything except burning when peeing. Or the doctor may want to check for ketones in the urine, showing that you’re body is breaking down fat for energy because you aren’t eating right. I’m eating for two. And morning sickness could literally eliminate it all. Of course, protein tests also give.

An indication that you’re at risk of prenatal diabetes. They did a blood sugar test. Oh, gosh, that drink tasted awful. Monitoring proteins your body emits gives them an idea as to whether it is developing later on in the pregnancy. So many serious problems, so much stress on top of worrying about the baby. Protein in the urine could also be caused by lots of exercise and stress. So stressing about the protein test could make it worse. That’s not going to help. Just worry about normal stuff like how to decorate the nursery and the best baby name.

Tyent Alkaline Water.Amazing Benefits.Blood Changes Before Your Eyes.Wow!

Hi i’m doctor Gus at advanced health and wellness centers. We have a wellness clinic where we see people with chronic health conditions most the time. So today I would like to take an attempt to demonstrate a little bit about what we’re talking about in how we ca me into believing in ionized water and to give credence and validation a little bit to this unit and to this concept for health and we’re going to take a patient here good friend of ours Sue who really has never gone through our clinic.

So this good because she’s utilized her own methods for health and and not not really partaking in any so it’ll be a nice pure supply of blood to see her level of health at this point and then what I would like to do is home give her a regular bottle of water and then the Tyent ionized alkaline water and really measure, we’ll time it and measure the effects one minute and five minutes after drinking it and see if we see any changes within the blood. So it will be three different tests.

One will be the baseline and one with regular bottled water and then one with the Tyent ionized alkaline water. I consider myself to be a very healthy person I do intense yoga three times a week sometimes four I eat healthy all organics grass fed meats and just keep very busy so I expect my blood work is going to come out just fine today One of the things we’re seeing here is that you know and the whole screen when you take a snap shot and you see around seven hundred red blood cells.

To a white blood cell your a little short on your blood cell count. Your definitely having no no movement at all very little motion at all. there was a little some right in the beginning obviously outside the body it’s going to react a little different but we’ve seen thousands of these so we know it should move for quite a while outside the body if it was normally the other thing and seeing is there’s not alot of white glow in these cells now and I’m gonna change the faze.

So we’re able to see better but right here the membrane is collapsing breaking and i can see it in several ones. It will show better on this next screen there isn’t uniformly some seem bigger than others you know I you know that’s bigger that’s a little smaller and smaller the other thing is the membranes is jaggedy which is unhealthy versus nice and live we’re seeing allot of debrit and definitely no energy in your cells like not in there you know we can scan and this has been outside your body.

Three or four minutes but the white glow should be in some of your cells, and i don’t see nothing I was shocked to see my first blood analysis and my blood basically wasn’t moving at all was very very shocking. Now we can do the second test you could drink that bottle of water its been nearly five minutes, we are going to go through the same process going to get the same finger, different spot and we’re going to look under a microscope and see if we have any changes.

So I expect your body to change quickly because of so many good things you do but being dehydrated you see things clump up but you’ve got movement to start happening from just plain water and in our opinion without a charge it’s not going to do as good a job but we will see in the next following tests you see you got some more movement now so hydration key to your health being out of the body obviously I’ll it’s not doing to be as happy as in the body but.

At the same time it should have this continuous waterfall type of flow over a minute as time subsides it should just go into this steady flow like what your seeing for, it can be hours after drinking bottled water it did improve the flow a little bit but then there was clumping of my red blood cells which was a bit unsettling just drank Tyent ionized alkaline water it’s been your system roughly five minutes so lets see how much more the hydration works in and if the ionized water looks any different then.

The bottled water see the body has this untapped potential to really change quickly when you do the right things universally everybody needs water and oxygen as a starting point in order to recover their health and balance their body if we were to go to the other screen, now we see a ton of white and movement whats a difference, what a difference ten minutes can make one of the questions usually is well does ionized water raise oxygen if what we’re looking at here is oxygen obviously like I said that.

Mobility opening the potential of the membrane to take in air seems like increases its not that increasing the total amount of volume coming in but it’s allowing the red blood cell to curing that I think that’s where the increase is happening but that’s just an opinion at this point. After seeing these three blood analysis tests come back today and the effects that the Tyent ionized water had and my blood circulation and flowing non clumping of my blood I’m very convinced that it is a beneficial thing that I need in my life.

75Day Trial How to Get the Purest Water Possible from the Ultimate Water Ionizer Company

Do you want the absolute purist water possible Are you concerned about fluoride in your water How about arsenic If you answered yes to any of these questions you’ll want to keep watching to learn more about the T Pure three bank filter system. The T Pure is a prefilter which means it filters your source water before it reaches your ionizer. You already know that Tyents ultrapure filters lead the industry when compared to similar filters that install inside your ionizer. So you may be asking why you need a prefilter. It simply.

Isn’t possible to cram enough media into these filters and still have them fit inside the ionizer. Look at the size of the T Pure and you’ll see we’re dealing with a very serious filtering system The filter works in three stages. In stage 1 the water passes through media called KDF 55 which removes lead mercury nickel and chlorine Stage 2 media is 100 percent activated alumina which will remove ninety five percent the fluoride and arsenic in your water. Stage three contains a one micron carbon block which removes foul odors and gives your water a crisp.

Clean taste. If you have municipal tap water its most likely treated with fluoride. If you have well water and haven’t had it tested it could contain arsenic. If you are concerned you owe it to yourself and your family to give them the cleanest most chemicalfree water possible. The T Pure combined with the Tyent ionizer gives you the absolute cleanest and healthiest water on earth Have more questions call or email today and ask to speak to one of our water specialists. They can help you choose the proper pre filtering options based on your location.


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