PIH TEXT Today Bertie and I are going to talk to you about PIH or Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation. Oh, Thanks Bertie! And like the spots on this egg, PIH produces dark concentrated areas of pigmentation as a response to skin inflammation. Now Bertie’s egg comes by its spots naturally, but PIH appears when your immune system overreacts to trauma in the skin. Conditions like acne, eczema, psoriasis, and even little things like insect bites ow! trigger an inflammatory response that can cause melanin production go bonkers. Since melanin is the brown pigment that gives our skin its color, the result.

Is dark marks and uneven skin tone. Now normally our skin looks a little more like this. Melanin’s job is to give you an even skin tone and protect you from UV radiation. To that, melanin says, You’reWelcome America. Turn up the sun exposure and skin turns up tyrosinase, an enzyme that kicks melanin production into high gear. Boyaah! To help you better understand, let’s take a closer look. When you’re exposed to sun, tyrosinase activates melanocytes, little factories at the base of the epidermis that produce and package melanin granules.

These packages travel up towards the keratinocytes, turning you a shade darker and protecting the cells’ nucleus from damage. So even when lounging in the sun, your skin is hard at work! Sometimes the body’s immune system destroys the melanocytes, the cells that make the melanin. This condition is called vitiligo, and the result is patches of depigmented skin. Although it’s considered a disorder, people like Chantelle Winnie, contestant from America’s Next Top Model, are out to show the world that uneven skin, light or dark can still be beautiful. In skin affected by PIH, inflammation from everyday conditions like acne can cause melanin.

Production to go haywire! The immune system triggers the tyrosinase enzyme and melanin is transferred from melanocyte up to keratinocyte again and again and again. and again, This causes dark clusters of color to appear near the site of infection or injury. When it comes to PIH there are two different types. Epidermal PIH occurs in the upper layers epidermis of skin and appear as welldefined light or dark brown patches. Dermal PIH, on the other hand, occurs in lower layers dermis of skin and appear as hazy bluegrey or purple patches.

Dermal PIH happens when inflammation gets soo bad, melanin granules get shoved into the dermis where they don’t belong. Aww Fuddruckers! Now the epidermis constantly renews itself, but the dermis does not, so foreign bodies like melanin get trapped inside and overstay their welcome. In this way, Dermal PIH is similar to a tattoo, and at times, can be just as difficult to remove! Now that you know a bit more about what causes PIH, we are going to look at treatments options and products to help you resolve it. So don’t be a chicken!.

Alona Shechter From Psoriasis To Career

Alona Shechter From Psoriasis To Career My name is Alona Shechter and I suffer from psoriasis In 1987, when I was a mother of two little babies, I woke up one morning and saw that I had a rash on my body I immediately went to the clinic, and saw the doctor who examined me and diagnosed it as psoriasis He explained to me that this condition is hereditary and affects about 3 to 4 percent of the population It causes the skin to become very dry and red The doctor told me that the only treatment is cortisone. She sent me to the hospital and they started a series of cortisone treatments.

Beginning with creams. Soon after I had to take pills and after that I was given injections. A few months later I became very large and swollen and it was recommended to me that I stay home to allow my body to relax A few months later we started with a series of screenings, PUVA radiation which helped for a short time but this condition returned The head of the department told me that he could not help me anymore In fact conventional medicine is known to deal with this condition using only cortisone or PUVA radiation.

He told me I should go home and learn to live with my illness I went home but I decided that I was not going to live like that as a mother of two little babies Imagine that one of my children called me and by just turning my neck it would cause bruising in that region If one of the children cried and I wanted to pick him up, I would bruise here and here and here It was clear to me that I was going to fight this condition. I decided that I was going to find a treatment using natural medicine. I spoke to homeopaths and had acupuncture treatment.

But again nothing helped until I saw a Dr. Rabinovi’tz, a dermatologist, and an expert in Herbal Medicine according to the teachings of Maimonides The doctor actually told me that over the years he was a conventional doctor One day he received a book by Maimonides and that made him realize that there is magic in nature He then understood that plants in the garden have a charm that we ignore He said to me Alona, if you do what I tell you and dab what I give you on the infected area, in a year from now you will be clean.

He took all kinds of creams and liquid oils, mixed them in front of my eyes, put them in boxes and sent me home. I came home, put everything on the table and started to read and to learn how to apply these creams and in what sequence to apply them I opened the first box and realized that if I’m going to use these creams every night for a year I may lose the disease but I may also lose my husband because the smell was very strong The first night I waited for my husband to go to sleep and only when I heard snoring did I go to the bathroom.

Took a shower using the dark soap and then started to apply the green cream that the doctor gave me When I reached my stomach i smelled the heavy odor of hyssop and quickly realized that if he wakes up it would be the end for me Three minutes later he woke up, saw me and laughed so hard and told me not to get up that morning as I would frighten the children I walked around the house like this with this green cream on me for a few weeks with no improvement to my skin.

A few weeks later I slowly began to feel my limbs moving more freely, no tearing of the skin and no bruising Eight months later my skin was completely healed and then I asked myself a few difficult questions Who is Maimonides Which medicinal plants did the doctor use If these medicinal herbs helped me with my condition it could then be used to cure other skin conditions like Atopic dermatitis, seborrhea, acne, hemorrhoids, chaffing fungus, wrinkles, brown spots and puffiness under the eyes Out of curiosity I studied Dermatology and learnt about medicinal herbs, and I realized that the skin does not understand.

Product names, nor whether the packaging is expensive or not. The skin only understands one thing the resulting change from a high concentration of active ingredients What did Dr. Rabinovi’tz do He gave us the herbs the highest concentration allowed by the Ministry of Health so the effect was Bingo In 1994 I bought the formulas from Dr. Rabinovi’tz which I developed further. I came across people with various skin conditions and I developed solutions for those conditions To date the company develops products for the body, the face and hair.

Cases of success with Autohemotherapy. MULTILANGUAGES CC

Autohemotherapy Success cases Acne 4 applications Psoriasis 9 applications skin problems 2 applications European Scientific Magazine REFERENCIA publishes the Brazilian cientists’ Study about autohemotherapy Telma Geovanini and Manoel Mozart Correa Norberto. Treatment of scleroderma autoimmune disease using autohemotherapy. A clinical study. Mexico openly recognized the effectiveness of the Autohemotherapy Brazilians ask for help Abroad NOTE In December, 2007, some misinformed representatives of some Health Authorities in Brazil have suggested that the practice of the Autohemotherapy should be forbidden, and so research using human beings in this country, by alleging there are health risks and.

What Does Skin Cancer Feel Like DermTV Epi 499

What’s the difference between the way normal moles and growths feel, and the way precancerous or even cancerous ones feel Hello, I’m Dr. Neal Schultz pause And welcome to DermTV. Recently, a viewer wrote in, I have a mole that’s uniform in color and shape but it itches. Can a non cancerous mole itch Or does that mean it’s surely cancerous Well. What do you think Does the way a mole or growth feels really help you determine if it’s normal or abnormal The answer is usually not. The way your moles or growths feel offers very little reliable info.

About whether it’s normal or not because both normal moles and growths and precancerous and cancerous ones usually don’t have any symptoms you can feel. They don’t itch, burn, hurt or bother you. They don’t feel like anything! But occasionally, regardless of whether they’re normal or abnormal, if they become injured or inflamed, then they can itch, hurt or burn. Actually, the symptoms of itching, hurting or burning are usually typical of inflammation in general. That can occur if it gets scratched, rubbed, hit or just bumped into. When that happens, it may temporarily, rapidly swell,.

Get red or even become warm, somewhat like a twisted ankle, but again, has nothing to do with normalcy. Because your body repairs the inflammation or injury that causes these symptoms, they are usually temporary, lasting only a few days or weeks. If they persist longer, then it’s time to get it checked out, just to be sure. These harmless temporary symptoms of inflammation should never be confused with the actual dangerous warning signs of abnormal growths. Those include bleeding, crusting, gradual increase in size, change in shape or changes in nonred colors like brown or black.

How to Make Healing Salve for Dry Skin DIY Ointment Recipe

Hi, I’m Kathrin Brunner, a nutritionist from For the Love of Body today I’ll show you how to make a healing calendula salve We’ll start with beeswax It will melt faster if you grate it. And we’re going to use 2.6ounces or 9 melted tablespoons I’ve already gone ahead and melted that in a double boiler it will take about 20 minutes, you don’t want to rush it. Once it’s melted we’re going to add to that shea butter so we’ll add 1 tablespoon or 4.5 ounces of shea butter to that.

And then we’re going to use mango butter. so we’ll use.5 announces or 1 tablespoon of mango butter and then we’re going to add these back into a double boiler and let the three melt together So, while that’s melting we’ll get our calendula oil ready. Calendula is a wonderful flower that is very healing for the skin. You’ll need flowers and you loosely packed them into a glass jar and cover completely with oil you can use either olive or sunflower I prefer sunflower because it’s a little more therapeutic for things like eczema.

And these will infuse for about four to six weeks. Place them in a warm spot and remember to shake them up every day and at the end four to six weeks you’ll have your healing calendula oil to add to the salve. We’ll open this up strain the flowers out of the oil I like to use a ‘nut milk’ bag but you can use cheesecloth as well. We’ll pour the oil through nut milk bag and the flowers but getting in there are fine because we’re gonna strain that out.

Give it a good squeeze Getting all of the beneficial oil out of there and then we’re going to measure out five hundred mls to use in our recipe. Now we’ll grab our other oils that are melted. And to them we’ll add our infused calendula oil and then we’ll give that a good stir. When you at your calendual oil, if if gets a little bit chunky like this, you can add it back into a double boiler briefly, just to allow all the oils to melt and incorporate again.

This is looking nice and smooth now. We’ll get this out of the double boiler and finish up. The last thing to go in is some lavender essential oil We’ll add ten drops. Lavender is healing for the skin it will help to repair any skin damage We’ll give that a stir and now we’ll add it to our containers that we’re going to store it in You can use little mason jars or other little glass jars once you’ve put it all in all you can put your lid on and allow it to set.

NEEM A Tree For Solving Global Problems

The indian Neem tree neem trees thrive in poor dry regions building new soil where overgrazing and deforestation have ruined the land the tree is now widely planted in damaged areas the ayurveda india’s ancient folk medicine prescribes neem for a range of disorders such as skin infection parasites and fevers twigs are sold for tooth sticks natural tooth brushes used throughout southeast asia there many kinds but neem is the best for dental health this toothpaste factory near stuttgart is one of three in the area using the neem as an ingredient.

Production is high and its invaluable to farmers as a fertilizer it’s more powerful than farmyard manure and it keeps insect predators at bay added to cattle feed neem cake provides extra nutrition in famine times and helps to treat intestinal parasites in the household and the granary Neem has long been used as an insect repellent leaves spread between clothes and blankets keep moths away leaves or oil mixed with grain keep it insect free during months of storage the unique power of the neem tree immediately protecting the cabbage from.

The attacks of its insects predators. They may be present and they may be hungry but they don’t eat that’s Neem’s antifeedant effect is there any possibility that it’s toxic to human beings the beauty of this is it’s remarkable specificity for insects it has no toxicological significance for humans or most forms of of wildlife, birds, fish how broad spectrum of insects does it act on actually it’s very good in that regard The US Department of Agriculture has tested over two hundred species of pest insects over ninety percent of which responded in one manner or another.

That’s remarkable! The Neem is effective against fungal infections parasites and bacteria and in the battle against malaria. In preventing Chagas disease Neem saves lives. We created practically a sensation because we are looking at Neem derivatives as substitutes for the synthetic pesticides synthetic pesticides are weapons of mass destruction killing all the insects around whether harmful or not and threatening other forms of life, including us residues contaminate soil and water ways and their on our food the Neem we’ve tested has been every bit as good as even the best conventional pesticides.

It’s quite crazy to go around destroying our forests in the way that we do scientists are using the vast range of modern analytic technology to take the neem tree apart, individual compounds can be synthesized and massproduced for the global pesticides market. people who live within the Neem Tree could profit from an international market that cut them out particularly the pesticide industry. The farmer can easily make extract and apply it to the field with out worrying about having to identify the active ingredients products used for millennia by third world countries,.

End up profiting firstworld corporations they own the plantations control of distribution or these days may even have a patent on the active molecule GAT was drawing an intellectual property rights and patents in to a world trading system and that’s when decided this is what i must work on because it was really about the most fundamental fabric of our moral existence existence over the past decade we have been gaining ground and when i say we i mean ordinary people committed to the welfare of all of humanity all people irrespective of gender and class and race and religion.

DermTV Very Itchy Fingers, a.k.a. Dishydrosis DermTV Epi ‘6

Hello, I’m Dr. Neal Schultz pause And welcome to DermTV. This may be the season for itchy skin, but chances are if it’s your fingers that are itching, it’s not because they’re dry. Most of the time, itchy fingers are caused by a condition called Dishydrosis and the itch it causes can really drive you crazy. And it’s not just itching that Dishydrosis causes You actually get little bumps on the bottom and sides of your fingers. And the bumps are actually tiny blisters. Dishydrosis literally means, bad sweating, and it used to be thought that these crazily itchy bumps.

Were filled with sweat. That’s why it was named Dishydrosis. But the fluid isn’t sweat it’s actually serum, which is the clear fluid in your blood. The most common cause of Dishydrosis is extreme stress, although not every outbreak can be linked directly to a stressful situation. On a personal note, I can tell you that I’ve only experienced Dishydrosis once in my life. It was early in my medical training after a very stressful night of being up all night taking care of a lot of very sick patients. The next morning the hospital dermatologist was making rounds.

And I showed him my hands, and he said, Boy you must have had a really rough night. So. The itching and bumps both finally go away after a few days. As it gets better, there are these really interesting telltale little collars of dead flaky skin that peel off. Those tiny matchhead size collars of dead skin get larger. and then smaller. over a few days and are caused by the bubble of serum as it rises through the higher levels of the epidermis. It’s like taking horizontal slices through a sphere.

Starting tiny at the bottom, then getting larger, and finally smaller again. To treat the itching and bumps, topical cortisone creams and antiitch lotions with menthol are best. If that doesn’t stop the itch, cold water can usually give temporary relief, but never try to stop the itching with hot water. Even though hot water feels good and stops the itch, it also causes the itch to come back worse a few minutes later. After the itch and bumps are gone, the flaking skin can continue for a week. It can be camouflaged with a moisturizer,.

Alona Shechter The Professional Series Mor Levona Balsam

Alona Shechter The Professional Series Mor Levona Balsam Hello, my name is Alona Shechter and today I want to introduce you to my precious product a product that solved my problem of psoriasis many years ago Mor Levona Balsam When I saw Dr. Rabinovi’tz many years ago, I had already used cortisone and radiation, but nothing helped He gave me a product containing 16 natural ingredients myrrh, frankincense etc. as written in the Bible I used it every morning and every night after washing the affected area with Achillea Soapless Soap.


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