How to differentiate a crusting out if it’s with a follicle or without a follicle I’m 1 week post HT. Per my doctor’s instructions I started gently with shampoo and conditioner beginning day 3. Over the past couple of days, a lot of scab and crust came out with washing. I do not see any hair in the crust. I have tendency to rub my scalp and more crustes out. I noticed few spots with little bleeding. I’m worried if my grafts areing out. Your responses are appreciated. I’m attaching a photo.

Thank you for your question! You are one week after your hair transplant. You submitted a single photo of the top of your head showing scabs and you have expressed concern about scabs that contain the hair follicle or contain a hair and how to deal with this situation. Well, in our practice, we do a fair number of hair transplants and the routine is fairly straightforward. First of all, the concern that you have is verymon. Everyone is afraid that they will dislodge the graft. When you do hundreds and hundreds of grafts in a session, and for us, any from a thousand to two thousand grafts, it’s understandable that you think that they are very delicate. But I can tell you that the within the first 2448 hours, the grafts is so well in place that it would actually take surgical instrument to physically remove the graft from the scalp. In our practice, we use a material called extracellular matrix which further facilitates the healing process and actually treats the thinning hair concurrently.

As far as your concern is, it’s important to understand that the scabs that you see are thebination of some old blood, some very dry skin and it’s part of a normal healing process. In the first week, we have our patients basically wash their hair with a bowl of water and pour it gently to let this superficial scabbing dislodge as well as spraying the hair with some saline to keep it just a little bit moist. By the second week, we encourage our patients to scrub a little bit. Of course, we do examine our patients before we give them this advice to make sure that they are not doing anything that can be traumatic.

Emu Shampoo

Hey guys, today I’m going to be reviewing for all of you a shampoo that I’ve been using on my hair for years now. And the product I’m talking about is this emu oil shampoo from Healthy Hair Plus.

Now this shampoo says it contains emu oil. It’s good for all hair types, so no matter whether you have thin hair, thick hair, oily hair, or dry hair.

However if you have dry hair then this product is very beneficial for your hair type. If you have AfricanAmerican hair type. And when I refer to AfricanAmerican hair, I’m referring to thicker hair.

However, not all AfricanAmerican’s have thick hair. The thick hair that I’m talking about on all nationalities, AfricanAmerican, Latins, and even Caucasians.

So if you are the individual who has very thick hair and dry hair this product is going to be very good for it because the one main benefit of this product is that it adds lots, tons, of rich moisture to your hair because of the emu oil.

So if your hair is considered to be very dry and thick, this product is going to add lots of moisture to your hair and therefore add lots of manageability to your hair.

Another benefit of this Emu oil shampoo is that it helps promote faster hair growth, and you’re probably wondering what exactly is it about this product that helps promote faster hair growth.

Now the reason why this emu oil shampoo promotes faster hair growth is because it contains emu oil. Emu oil is known for containing omega 3.

Doesn’t matter what type of hair you have, we all need Omega3’s in order to help our hair grow properly and to grow at a faster rate.

Now, also in order for our hair to grow Our hair cannot be dry or brittle. If you have dry, brittle, hair it will grow very slow, and some times it will not even grow.

So, the emu oil, what it is going to do, it is going to help add to your hair all the moisture that it needs in order to help it grow properly.

Another benefit of this product is that the emu oil contains omega3, which we all know omega3’s are found in fish and there are certain types foods that we do need to eat on a daily basis on a weekly basis in order to be able to promote healthy hair, healthy skin and healthy nails.

However, if you are an individual like myself who doesn’t eat seafood at all, then you have to find other ways of adding the omega threes in order to promote faster and healthy hair growth, and this is an excellent way of doing that and that’s why that I’ve been using this product for so many years, because I’ve actually noticed how wonderful this is for my hair.

Not only in hair growth but help overall and I can really notice the shine in my hair, which I’mpletely obsessed with. What other benefits are there in using this product you don’t need to stop using this product just because you’ve already reached the hair growth that you want, because there are many, many other benefits in using this product, and some of the other benefits of using this product besides hair growth, is that it acts as an antiinflammatory product, and it also helps to awaken your hair follicles, which again has to do with the hair growth.

So indirectly what it does besides the hair growth is that when it awakens the hair follicles it means that removing any build up or dirt that you have on your hair.

And of course that’s going to promote hair growth. But even if you don’t care about the hair growth, you have to make sure that your hair follicles are clean and free of any build up because it’s just going to help overall with the health of your hair.

So that’s one of the benefits of this product. So if you hate using saffron shampoos, because you think they are somewhat harsh for your hair, or they just leave your hair very dry.

This is a great product to use because it’s going to help you move any built up oils or dirt that you might have blocking your hair follicles.

Another benefit of this emu oil shampoo is that it’s a great treatment for rebuilding body and volume and the reason why this is a great treatment for rebuilding body and volume is because it is going to help clean your hair follicles, it’s going to remove any oils, dirt or any build up that you might have.

So when a product does that to your hair, and everything moves up, build up from your hair. Instantly you’re going to notice the added volume and to your hair and just going to overall make your hair look so much healthier, clean and fresh.

And so that is why that this product acts like a treatment in order to rebuild body and volume in your hair. Another great benefit of this emu oil shampoo is that the ingredients in emu oil actually act as a natural antiinflammatory, and antibacterial product.

And so what this means is that it also acts as an antifugal treatment for your hair. So if scalp fungus is an issue that your going through, this product going to be great because it’s not only going to directly target that itching, but it’s going to help you with many, many other things.

Now another very important benefit of this product which is one of my favorite benefits of this product is that it acts and strengthening product.

And the reason why it acts as a strengthening product is because of the ingredients in it. it contains not only Emu oil also jojoba oil and panthenol and all of these products are very moisturizing and rich for your hair, and so when you provide your hair with all these types of beneficial ingredients what it does it that it makes your hair over all more resistant and stronger and therefore you’re going to have less split ends on your hair.

So yes, you will have longer hair, but healthier hair. Okay, so that’s all for the review of this amazing Emu Oil Shampoo from Healthy Hair Plus and I hope that all of you enjoyed learning about the many benefits of this amazing product.

Stem Cell Arthritis Treatment limbus stem cells

Another major coup for stem cell research next Researchers regrow corneas using adult human stem cells Loren Grush reporting for FOX News described a procedure where Boston researchers have successfully regrown human corneal tissue a feat that could potentially restore vision in the blind. The achievement also marks one of the first times that scientists have constructed tissue using adultderived human stem cells.

In a new study published in the journal Nature, researchers from Massachusetts Eye and Ear Institute, Boston Children’s Hospital, Brigham and Women’s Hospital and the VA Boston Healthcare System detailed their groundbreaking research. According to the paper, the key to the study’s success revolves around a molecule known as ABCB5, which serves as a biomarker for previously elusive limbal stem cells. Residing in the eye’s limbus the border of the cornea and the whites of the eye the limbal stem cells are responsible for maintaining and recreating corneal tissue. Because of their regenerative ability, scientists have long hoped to harness these stem cells for regrowing human tissue in those with blindness due to corneal injury or disease. The only problem They’ve been rather difficult to track down. Frank’s lab originally discovered the crucial ABCB5 molecule over 10 years ago, finding that it was present in skin and intestine precursor cells. But more recently, his team revealed that ABCB5 was also an importantponent of the eye’s limbal stem cells, preventing them from undergoing apoptosis or cell death. To further prove ABCB5’s role in the eye, Frank and his team created two groups of mice ones lacking a functional ABCB5 gene and ones with a fully functioning ABCB5 gene. The mice lacking ABCB5 lost their population of limbal stem cells and were unable to repair injuries to their corneas.

When we found thiswe thought if we could enrich or isolate these ABCB5positive cells and transplant them, they should be able to cure corneal disease, Frank said. Using the corneal tissue from deceased human donors, the researchers were able to locate the limbal stem cells using antibodies that bind to ABCB5. Once they identified the stem cells, they extracted them from the donor tissue and transplanted them into mice whose limbal stem cells had been removed. As expected, fully normal humanderived corneal tissue was generated in the mice allowing them to see once again.


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