Hi it’s AlaskaGranny are you familiar with the aloe vera plant it is commonly found in the Southwest in the desert regions and it can also be grown easily as an indoor plant and it has a soothing gel inside each of these husky leaves that has been found to be very beneficial for soothing and relieving pain and moisturizing and things like that so say you get a burn it’s very good for burns you can just go to your aloe vera plant and cut off a little slice of it see the juicy sap and you can just rub it on.

You can rub it on your skin you can see that the gel comes out and soothes you I got a mosquito bite here from a trip I was on recently and I can rub it on there so it’s good for sunburn it is good for kitchen burns you can grab a chunk of it you could even peel it open and place more of it on you if you wanted to it has a spikes on it but they’re not sharp so they’re not gonna hurt you like a regular cactus will.

So it’s juicy inside and you can just cut them off and they just keep growing back it also works well if you get a rash say you got prickled by a cactus you can grab some of this aloe vera and rub it on if you got into poison ivy poison oak stinging nettles can help soothe the irritation the other thing aloe vera works well that I didn’t know until recently was aloe vera is actually beneficial for frostbite say you go out and you get freezing cold and you would now because it would be so painful.

How To Use Aloe Vera For Burns, Bites, Stings, Rashes, And Frostbite

And you can rub some aloe vera on year fingers and toes it actually helps to warm and soothe them and takes away the horrible stinging pain from being freezing cold I don’t know if it would help save it from the damage but I didn’t have any idea until just recently that this is something that can be used so if you don’t have a plant you can also look for aloe vera gels in bottles and you it’s very nice to take if you get a sunburn keep some in the kitchen in case you get burned.

Pack it in your camping and picnic gear your bug out bag and first aid kit case you encounter some stinging insects like bees wasps or biting ones like mosquitoes or you get a skin rash you can use this I also found a little aloe hand sanitizer with it that would be excellent for travel because when you’re traveling you’re washing your hands a lot more and they can get more dried out and the last thing you want is to have cuts and sores on your hands when you’re out doing things you wouldn’t normally.

Be so I have this one wrapped in plastic I’m gonna put it in my suitcase so I have this for the next trip I go on if you’re interested in an aloe vera plant that can bring a little extra oxygen into your life and you want to get the soothing gel from the aloe vera get one of these aloe vera plants and if you down have room for the plant look for the gels they’re very handy very useful stock up on some of this if you like tips and tricks that I’ve been trying.


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