My name is Nathaniel. I am being treated for Psoriasis. How long have you had Psoriasis I have had Psoriasis ever since I was 12 years old. How are things going so far It’s going real good, ya know.

I’ve been treated for it before, but with no no results at all. Since I’ve beening to Dr. Crutchfield it’s been very good. I’ve seen results immediately. Within a month. It’s been amazing. And you are happy with the results I am really happy with the results.

Natural Skin Care Avocado Oil

This is the link to my favorite brand of Avocado Oil sh79V8 Avocado oil can be used for anti aging, wrinkle prevention, stretch mark removal, and natural treatment of skin conditions. If you haven’t tried avocado oil for natural skin care I rmend giving it a try. Avocado oil has a lot of benefits for your skin. In this tutorial I give details about how I have used avocado oil in my skin care regimen. I love using it as a regular moisturizer, and even in facial treatments face masks. Try a conditioning skin treatment with avocado oil mixed in.

Avocado oil has great anti aging properties. It helps your skin age gracefully by helping you produce more collagen. Collagen is what helps you naturally prevent wrinkles. Using avocado over time can slow down the aging process naturally by helping you increase collagen production without injections or expensive treatments. Avocado oil also works well for stretch marks. Prevent stretchmarks or fade existing ones by using avocado oil regularly on your body. It can also help treat skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. It’s a great natural way to heal, strengthen and nourish the skin.

Suyanmei Beauty Fruit facial mask maker skincare DIY

Suyanmei MINI DIY facial skincare mask maker This is a newly facial mask maker dvice It looks so beautiful, elegent. White head and pink body, and white bottom You can add up the fruits as you like into the device and nutrition power and 100ml water,then smash them til device alert, pour them into the facial mask and smooth by the spoon.

DIY Turmeric Face Mask

Turmeric. A spice that I use often in cooking.but also as a beauty regimen. Say what During my travels in India, I learned that this incredible spice, which has incredible healing properties there is evidence it kills cancer cells has been longused by Indian brides as a headtotoe body scrub and face mask to brighten skin before their wedding day.

Gentlemen, don’t let that stop you from lathering yourself up, your skin deserves a little glow too! So what exactly is turmeric and what are the benefits benefits of using this magical spice Where to begin. Turmeric is from a perennial shrub originating in south and southeastern Asia and western India. It has long been used in Indian Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine for the treatment of inflammatory and digestive disorders. It has also been used in religious rituals in both India and China such as Indian weddings as well as dying clothing.

It helps to improve your skin’s texture since it makes for a great skin exfoliant. It helps with inflammatory skin conditions such as eczema, acne, psoriasis and dry skin Turmeric also helps regulate oily skin and it is also said to diminish wrinkles Wait, wait, wait.when I cook with turmeric, it turns everything yellow! Will it do the same to my skin Nope! Whenbined with chickpea flour, it will just will leave your skin looking like a million bucks. Trust me, I’m pretty pasty and this mask doesn’t leave me looking like a banana, I promise.

So how do you make this Turmeric mask In a small bowl,bine 1 tablespoon of milk or yogurt you can use almond, 2 or soy with 1 teaspoon of turmeric powder and 2 tsp of chickpea flour. You can also add a teaspoon of honey Manuka honey is the best which is also great for moisturizing and cleansing the skin as well as reducing smelling and inflammation.oh and it also has antibacterial properties.

Mix well until it all looks evenly blended. Make sure you clean your face before applying the mask. Get rid of all that makeup and dirt off your face. Then slather on your mask all over your face and neck. Let it dry for about 1520 minutes until it feels hard. Rinse your face with lukewarm water and voila! You can do this a couple of times a week and will immediately see and feel the difference.

Do I Have Eczema or Psoriasis

I’ve got red, dry, itchy skin and a persistent rash. Do I have eczema or psoriasis Eczema usually arises before you start school. Psoriasis tends to show up in adulthood. I’ve had this since adolescence. So I guess it could be either one. Psoriasis tends to occur on the thicker skin on the body, such as on the palm, elbows, knees, soles of the feet, face and scalp. Eczema tends to occur on the face, neck, knees, ankles and the inside of the elbow.

So both can cause rashes on my face, but only eczema will occur on my feet. Kind of. Psoriasis and eczema both get worse with stress and when you’re immune system is flared up when fighting a disease. Do they have the same cause Psoriasis is primarily an autoimmune disorder. Eczema tends to be an allergic reaction.

How can I tell the difference Without paying to see a doctor. Eczema sometimes causes lesions and blisters, which is rarely seen with psoriasis. Eczema may have moist pustules, while psoriasis is always dry. Gross, gross, gross. I feel like I’ve got the plague. There’s a lot you can do. Both eczema and psoriasis can be improved by using moisturizing creams.

Oh, man, I’ll end up smelling like a girl. They’ve got eczema creams for babies, so you could just hit the baby aisle. And antihistamines help eczema. So I need to get drugged up on Benadryl. My parents gave that to me as a kid to make me sleep.

I guess it’s better than brandy. A doctor can prescribe ointments to treat either condition, no matter what you have. I just want to walk around during the day without wanting to wear a Phantom of the Opera mask. You should walk in the light of the sun. UV light can help clear up both.


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