Hello today we will talk about psoriasis is a disease that is normally skin revealed but people who start allopathic treatments or do also natural local treatments through plants to the skin and are concentrated to put foments and put things on the skin really it has little effect on healing why I say that why The first way we can help to improve conditions of psoriasis It is to stop eating animal protein avoid meat egg milk and its derivatives What What I will going to eat then avoid some irritants.

As coffee. alcohol cigars low the stress when we lower the stress our body starts to recover the immune and ezymatic system It is more relaxed functions of all the organs begin to improve to achieve a state of relaxation profound and beneficial for our body we must learn to breathe Do you know breathe when we breathe we must do it with three parts of our body first with the belly then expand bones of the chest ribs and last rises slightly clavicle these three phases of breath should be included.

If somebody is breathing owith one of the three parties in men it is very common we breathe only with the top of the lung and in women is very common they breathe only with the belly we have to include all three parts low, medium and high This is the full breathing which helps oxygenate our body It helps improve performance of all internal organs included the liver actually I was drowning because the lack of air once we managed our breathing down stress and change our diet to high consumption of fruits and vegetables.


We eliminate the use of chlorinated water both used to drink or to wash we decrease enough pressure on the body and will be able to recover the health gradually We can help to the detoxification of our organism taking defrost water As we saw in the last tutorials here are the link to them you can see in these tutorials how to prepare the defrost water for the decontamination of the body It is useful for treating psoriasis take sun baths and saltwater baths the best salt for baths It is the sea salt.

If you have opportunity to go to the beach and take sunbathe there breathe the air bathing in the sea this helps a lot to the condition of patients with psoriasis I already knew it I always I wanted to live on the beach lying in the hammock those without access to the sea or they can not live permanently at sea you can apply aloe vera gel three times daily in the places where psoriasis is expressed in the skin this will help lessen the symptomatology of the psoriasis and will also prevent secondary.

Infections I gave not any infections in the secondary school the secondary infections occur generally when we tear us on the affected part we cause a little bleeding or a break in the skin and this causes the action of bacterias and fungi that can cause secondary infections that we should avoid we can apply aloe vera gel and tea of Calendula Internally we can help to our liver functions taking the thistle Silybum marianum or Taraxacum officinalis also called dandelion or in some countries they say lion’s tail extract of this plant.

Is prepared from the root it is not enough only soak things in place where psoriasis appears They have to be accompanied by a comprehensive treatment because if you only suppress the psoriasis in the skin without accompanying thos whit a process of decontamination then it is possible than, the psoriasis will be expressed not only on the skin but also in a vital organ if you liked this tutorial make click on I like it also leave your comments and suggest me topics for future tutorials subscribe on my channel.


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