Hello, ! And welcome to MyWeirdButterflyLove. I’m QueenVitani and I will be guiding you through this weird world of Autoimmunity and Thyroid Diseases! I introduced myself as Vitani in my first tutorial and my mum was just like No, no no, It’s QueenVitani, QueenVitani. Just put the Queen in there. So there you go, mum! Disclaimer. Please be advised that MyWeirdButterflyLove represents opinions and is for educational purposes only and is not intended to constitute medical advice. I encourage you to further your own research and consult with your doctor about any changes in treatment.

If you are not satisfied with the help you are receiving from your current doctor Go get a second opinion. So today we will be talking about different root causes for Hashimoto’s meaning what is it that caused Hashimoto’s to appear in ‘your’ body. Hashimoto’s disease is a very individual disease. What works for you may not work for somebody else. And the other way around. We’re all different and everyone’s diagnosis is unique. Just like you! Some things are gonna be black and white and some things are not. Some things you’re gonna have to work at to figure out.

So if you saw my last tutorial, then you know that this is how I picture the Hashimoto side of me. Hashimoto’s needs 3 things to be present in your body for it to manifest. And I kind of illustrate this like a throne or a chair. It’s got 3 legs. One of the legs is genes. You’ve got to have the right genes. So if you have it then you’re basically just unlucky. It needs a trigger. It needs something to set it off. And the last thing is intestinal permability.

Where does Hashimotos come from 6 different Root Causes! English Norwegian Subtitles available

A damaged gut, or a leaky gut. So we can’t change our genes. But we can reverse Hashimoto’s by removing the trigger and the leaky gut. If we remove these legs, then the chair’s gonna fall over. It’s not like curing it. Once your body has learned to attack itself, it can never unlearn this. But what we’re doing is making hashimoto’s go back in time. Back to a time when it was asleep and not causing any damage. So once you remove everything that was making Hashimoto’s aggressive you give your body time to heal and regenerate itself.

Especially your gut. There are many different Root Causes, but we’re gonna talk about the 6 most common ones. Root Cause Number 1! Gluten Sensitivity! I like the gluten. The gluten doesn’t like me. First of all, get tested for Celiac disease. But remember that gluten is no friend to a Hashimoto patient, even if you’re not allergic. A gluten sensitivity will not show up on an allergy test. Gluten sensitivity may be the sole Root Cause Or it may be one of many Root Causes. Every person with an autoimmune thyroid condition really should remove gluten from their diet.

Even in those who doesn’t have celiac or gluten sensitivity, gluten still causes intestinal permability. If gluten was the only Root cause then if you removed it, you would see a complete remission of thyroid antibodies and the thyroid function would return to normal within 36 months. But if that doesn’t happen, then you need to dig deaper. Root Cause Number 2! Gluten Sensitivity and cross reactive proteins. In addition to gluten sensitivity, people with Hashimoto’s may also react to multiple other proteins including grains like rice and corn. Other induviduals may also react to.

Dairy, eggs, beans, nuts, seeds, legumes, nightshades, alcohol or processed food. That sounds like a long list doesn’t it. So how to we fix this problem Look into the Autoimmune protocol, AKA the Autoimmune paleo diet. Working with a nutrition coach may be extremely beneficial in this aspect. And I just happen to know a brilliant one who got her Hashimoto’s in remission, along with 3 other autoimmune conditions that she was struggeling with. I will link her information and facebook page in the description below so you can check that out!.

I will also link you to some websites where you can read more about this diet on. And some books! And don’t worry, it’s not gonna be superstrict forever. It’s recommended that you do this diet for 34 months to give your gut time to heal and regenerate itself. And then you can experiment by reintroducing certain foods back into your diet and see what works for you and what does not. I’ve been doing this diet for almost, almost 1 year now so if I can do it for a full year, you can do it for a few months.

It’s really not that hard, because I’m eating lots of yummy foods and I will share lots of yummy recipes on this channel so be sure to subscribe. Root Cause Number 3! Glutamine and Zinc depletion. Aren’t they cute These are my two builders, this is my favourite drawing. These two darlings are two substances that we need to rebuild our intestinal lining. When you stress, your body will pull these substances away from your intestines and uses them for other things, like producing adrenal hormones. And obviously that becomes a problem.

For those under prolonged stress, those with low stomach acid, because you need stomach acid to extract zinc from protein, and those who follow a diet low in animal protein including vegans and vegetarians, I’m sorry because glutamine is primarily found in animal protein including dairy and eggs. I stress a lot, emotionally, so I feel you! I really do! So first, just chill, like breathe. Ok Moving on Your gut lining is where most of your immune system lies. It protects you from a lot of things like bacteria, viruses,.

Fungi, parasites, etc. So you can imagine when your body doesn’t have these two guys, glutamine and zinc, to keep rebuilding it, your gut will be damaged. Either by food that your body doesn’t like or by foreign invaders like I just mentioned. Some individuals who were following a vegan or vegetarian diet were able to put their Hashimoto’s in remission after introducing animal proteins back into their diets. It’s believed that this is because the glutamine and other ingredients allowed them to rebuild their gut lining. So, solutions for this Root Cause.

Glutamine supplements, Zinc supplements, bone broth, gelatin, wellcooked meats, Betaine with pepsin, digestive enzymes to extract zinc from food and any of the nutritient dense diets listed in the blog which is linked in the description below. Root Cause Number 4! Parasites! Now that’s a subject none of us likes to think about. And it’s usually the last thing we will want to address. Parasites don’t just hang around in third world countries, a lot of people seem to think so. A parasite could secretely be hiding in you regardless of where you’re from, how you live or where you live.

Our current decetion methods miss a lot of parasites. And how may of you can say that you’ve been tested for, or even ever suspected having a parasite A parasite in your gut can cause huge damage. It can cause intestinal permability, food sensitivites and autoimmune dieases. If you are someone who developed your condition after a period of intense stress, please go get tested, as stress makes us more susceptible to parasites. Unfortunately this isn’t a short term fix. If you’ve got a parasite, then you’ll have food sensitivies, and they won’t go away no matter what you do. No matter what you eat. No matter what you don’t eat.

You could be on a perfect diet, take all the supplements you need, but if there’s a parasite hiding in you, you won’t be able to fully recover. A temporary fix in this case would be the autoimmune protocol. But that will not make the parasite go away. So, solutions for this Root cause Antiparasitic herbs tailored to the parasite, spesific antiparasitic medications, certains supplements, the probiotic S Boulardii. I’m not sure if I’m saying this right. and low carbohydrate diets will help as well. If you had any problems understanding what I just said, please turn on the subtitles!.

Root Cause Number 5! Small bacterial intestinal overgrowth. Also known as Sibo! Sibo, Sibo. Ok, I’m done! This one is very simple. Sibo is an overgrowth of bacterias in the small bowel or small intestine. It can be caused by antibiotic overuse andor starchy foods. Your body will focus on getting rid of all the excess bacteria in your gut, and accidentally tears on it while doing this. This results in a damaged gut and intestinal permability. Treatment options for this Root Cause Antibiotics, Antimicrobial herb, elemental diet and diets like the Spesific Carbohydrate diet, Low FODMAPS diet, and GAPS diet are the treatment of choise for Sibo.

Root Cause Number 6! Fungal infections. Another yucky thing we don’t like to think about. Candida is a fungus that have often been linked directly with Autoimmune disease and food sensitivites. Note that Candida feeds on Sugar, starces and alcohol. Everything written on this drawing are symptoms you might experience if you have Candida. The first thing you want to look at is your tongue, if you have a white coating on your tongue, you might want to look into it. Treatments for this Root Cause Probiotics, antifungal herbs and medications, anticandida diet such as the Body Ecology Diet.

So those are the 6 most common Root Causes. I will most likely cover a few more in another tutorial. Just don’t give up! I know this can be overwhelming if you’re new to it. If you’re really struggeling, a good supportive thyroid community will do you well. My favourite community is on Facebook and it’s called Thyroid healing Journey. And it’s a fantastic group. It’s a closed group, so anything you put in the group will not show up on your Facebook page. Only members of the group will see it.


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