Today we’re going to show you how to remove an acrylic nail. We’re going to start off by taking the top layer of the nail off, because it’s got a gel top coat on it which won’t soak in acetone. We’re also going to take the length down because there’s no point soaking excess length. We’re going to be using an electric file today. Because we’re doing a one finger soak off we can use just a dappen dish. If you were going to do a full hand soak off you would use a glass bowl.

Fill your dappen dish up with acetone tip remover, and then your client can place her finger in for a good ten minutes. This nail’s been in this acetone now for about ten minutes so we can give it a check. Use your cuticle pusher to scrape any excess off. So when we put it back in the acetone it’s not working on acrylic that’s already been removed, and that can go back in for another five minutes. This nail’s been in for another five minutes so were going to give it another check.

It’s nearly off, it’s just got a thin layer left on it, but still put it back in the acetone. Don’t be tempted to file or pick it off. This nail should be ready now. If there’s any little bits left on, any little bits of glitter, don’t worry because we’ve got to buff this nail. So we’re just tidying up the shape. Remember this is a natural nail now so one direction only, then very gently just buff off any excess just a few little bits of glitter that are.

How to Remove Acrylic Nails Tutorial Tutorial by Naio Nails


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