Welcome to health care at home Today we will talk about Gallbladder Stone In other words you can say its a disease of Gallblader Now, why this disease occurs There are so many reasons, Obesity is one of the major reason of Gallbladder stone. If you are suffering from diabetes then there are major chances of Gallbladder stone. Or if you have take any hormonal replacement therapy, even the gallbladder stone can happen. Or genetical reasons are also the causes of gallbladder stone. Now, how would you came to know that you are suffering from gallbladder stone.

If your skin or eyes colour start getting pale yellow or the colour of urine become very dark Or you have prolonged fever or nausea or backache So, these all can be the symptoms of gallbladder stone. If you are unable to dissolve gallbladder stone with oral drugs Then its not possible to get this out with surgery With surgery the whole gallbladder gets removed So, if you have gallbladder stone then what to do There are very simple remedies. Grapes juice If you drink 1 cup of Grape juice daily, then it dissolve the gallbladder stone and flush it out through urine.

Similarly sugar cane juice break the gallbladder stone and get it flush out with either urine or stool. Now, i am telling you a remedy and you have to do this for 5 days if you have gallbladder stone. If it is small in size then it will flush out in 5 days , what you have to do for this Take a jar full or almost 1 litre of Apple juice And you have to consume this juice for 4 days thrice a time in a day. During this period have normal food instead of spicy.

Home Remedies for Gallbladder Stone II

After 4 days, last meal of the 5th day you have to skip the dinner At that place, take 1 spoon of Epsom Salt in 1 glass of warm water which is called magnesium Sulphate Mix it and drink this water. After that wait for 2 hours After 2 hours you have to repeat the process and dissolve 20 gm of Epsom salt means 1 spoon of it Mix it with 1 glass of warm water drink this. Now what you have to do is, in equal quantity or 250 ml Extra Virgin Olive Oil Make sure Extra Virgin only.

And 250 ml Lemon Juice. Mix them and you have to start drinking it. After 1015 minutes you have to drink 1 cup of this And you will notice that within some time you will feel pressure to pass stool. When you will pass stool then its colour would be green. Or it may possible that you go for stool passing multiple times Even diarrhoea can happen, so don’t get panic. With every time of passing stool the stone of gallbladder will flush out. So, within 5 days your gallbladder is at right place.

So its clean without surgery and now without stone. But, follow this remedy on the small stone. If the gallbladder stone is bigger in size, then consult your doctor then follow this remedy. Still there are so many remedies which are available in your kitchen. By using them you can remove gallbladder stone completely. But that all remedies i will tell you in any other remedies. Presently, our wish is only that you stay healthy, busy, carefree and be with us. And to meet us you have to subscribe this channel. Tell to your friends relatives.


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