Welcome to Earth’s Living Clay’s YouTube channel. Today I’m standing at one of the most beautiful places in my opinion on the planet The Grand Canyon in northern Arizona. That’s what you see behind me. I wanted to share an email we received from a customer that I thought was important to share with you. She writes I’m on prescription medication for psoriasis. Will clay effect the medication Will clay help with my psoriasis So first of all, yes. The answer is yes, potentially the clay could effect the effectiveness, it.

Could impact the effectiveness of the medication. It really depends on what’s in the medication. The best thing is to check with your pharmacist. But the thing with checking with your pharmacist or any traditional Western medical doctor is that they may not know about clay. Many times if they don’t know or are ignorant about clay, they will say not to use clay even though it may be perfectly safe or in some cases more effective than a prescription medication. The best recommendation is to wait three to four hours between taking medication.

And drinking clay, regardless of what’s in the medication. The other thing to keep in mind with prescription medications, is that everything we take in is processed by the liver. Prescription medications also impact the functioning of the liver and have to be processed by the liver. For some people, that’s a reason not to have to take prescription medications and to find natural remedies like calcium bentonite clay. Will clay help with psoriasis Absolutely! There are three different things you can do with clay to help with psoriasis. First, if you have localized patches of psoriasis.

Calcium Bentonite Clay A Natural Remedy for Psoriasis

On certain areas of the body, say the knees, the feet or elbows, you can mix the clay and make a clay poultice. Mix one part clay to two parts water or maybe three parts water and apply that to the localized area of psoriasis. Put damp gauze on it and wrap it in plastic to keep it damp. Once it dries out, then you can rinse it off. There’s no harm in leaving the clay on even after it dries out. It does stop working after it’s dried out. Leave.

The clay on the area for as long as possible and then rinsing it off. This is for localized treatment. We have a product called Psoriasisn’t that is our Clay Mask with an essential oils specific for skin conditions. We also have Wound Warrior that is our Clay Mask or poultice that doesn’t have essential oils in it. Any of those products are good for localized patches of psoriasis. The second way to use calcium bentonite clay for psoriasis is our Bath Clay, to take baths in clay, particularly for scaling psoriasis or where there is joint pain associated with.

The psoriasis psoriatic arthritis. Take a clay bath with 8 ounces of clay to start for an adult can help to remove the scales. In fact, we have a testimonial on our website for our Bath Clay. A woman was able to remove 90 of the scales on her body with one clay bath. It also increases circulation in the body the clay does in the bath so for that reason, it many times brings relief to sore joints and sore muscles. The third and best way to treat psoriasis with calcium bentonite clay is our Drinking.

Powder mixed with water and take it every day. Psoriasis is a condition of the skin that emanates from the gut and because calcium bentonite clay does such a great job cleaning and detoxifying the intestine, it helps to eliminate allergens that cause the inflammation of the skin. The liver is the main organ of detoxification. The skin is the backup system of the liver so skin conditions are often signs of an overtaxed liver. By drinking clay you’re helping to support the liver, you’re helping to do some detoxification in your.

Intestine and remove the allergens that are specifically irritating to people with psoriasis. A really good book that we recommend is Healing Psoriasis by Dr. John Pagano. He talks about many natural remedies for psoriasis including diet and avoiding things like nightshades. He also recommends slippery elm and other things. He has a very good explanation that I just described to you of psoriasis emmanating from the gut and why keeping your gut clean is excellent in terms of remedying psoriasis naturally. I hope this was helpful to you. Do leave your comments and questions in the box below. Thanks.


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