Hey, guys. Dr. Axe, Nutritionist and Doctor of Functional Medicine. Today, I want to talk to you about the benefits of Lglutemine powder. Lglutemine is an amino acid that is very, very abundant in the human body, especially in your musculoskeletal tissue. Lglutemine is used, primarily today… actually, first it was used mostly by people in the fitness industry, people that were looking to preserve muscle tissue. So both loose weight, burn fat and gain muscle were the most common uses of Lglutemine powders today. You can see.

Lglutemine is basically this sort of white powder here. You can see on the tip of my finger. But, it’s just an amino acid that is a building block of protein. But there are many benefits of Lglutemine along with… I mentioned building muscle, igloo weight, burning fat. In addition to that Lglutemine can also help heal and repair your gut. So, there are millions of people today struggling with a condition called leaky gut, which, basically, is the main cause today of autoimmune disease. It’s the main cause.

Of thyroid issues like Hashimoto’s disease. It also causes arthritis, skin issues like psoriasis. And, so that’s caused by leaky gut and Lglutemine is the number one amino acid your gut needs to help heal and repair leaky gut. So, if you have any type of digestive issue whatsoever, what I believe by far the most important amino acid you need in your diet is Lglutemine on a regular basis. So, again, using Lglutemine is great. What I recommend is typically between 2 to 5 grams twice daily. There are two forms of.

LGlutamine Benefits

Lglutemine. You can get regular Lglutemine, in what’s called its free form, and that should be taken with food ideally because, basically, if it’s not taken with food, it’s not absorbed as well. There’s another type of Lglutemine called transalanyl or alanylLglutemine, and that’s an amino acid attached to another amino acid which basically manes you’re going to digest it much better. You can take it on an empty stomach, but it’s really best taken your meal right before and after workouts, in terms of it really supporting your metabolism, both weight loss as well as building muscle, retaining muscle.

So it really keeps you from losing muscle. So, let’s say for instance, you have an elderly person and they are starting to waste away from kikexia, which is from cancer, and they’re wasting away over time, Lglutemine is the number one supplement they should be taking that’s keeps them from having muscle wasting. If you’re an athlete and you’re out there working really hard but you know, because you did a lot of training, that you’re, you’re already burning up some muscle, Lglutemine keeps that from happening. Again, if you struggle with digestive issues, whether it’s irritable bowel syndrome, inflammatory.

Bowel disease like Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, diverticulosis, diverticulitis, leaky gut or any of the issues associated with leaky gut, like joint pain, rosacea, any type of autoimmune response, Lglutemine can support your body in healing. If you want to get more details on all of the health benefits of Lglutemine, visit my website,.draxe. Look up Dr. Axe, go to my website and look up Lglutemine. I go through all of the studies, all of the benefits, where to get the best type of Lglutemine. You can find it right there on.draxe.


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