It’s time for Medical 114 yes it is on the phone yes, live on air on the phone What’s the topic today Nowadays, the keyword baby face. not only women, but also men are very interested in beauty Are you talking about me hahahahahaha. Anyways, when we walk around, we can see a lot of beauty shops and dermatology clinics. As you can see, the interests in appearances are higher than ever Have you heard of the word prettymiddle aged man Is it like the older version of pretty boy Yea, getting aged beautifully.

So middleaged men and women are more interested in beauty and health than younger people. Yes that’s right! So today, we are going to learn about intractable skin diseases and how to cure them To tell us about the intractable skin diseases, here we have Dr. Ha from Renewme skin clinic HI Hello Nice to meet you We, Wow Medical 114, is accepting consultation calls right now As you watch our show, please feel free to call us We will give you answers to your questions regarding intractable skin diseases. Please feel free to call us.

As we said earlier, we even talked about pretty middleaged men, a lot of people are interested in appearances these days So we are going to learn about intractable skin diseases today. What kind of diseases are there in so called intractable skin diseases The common skin diseases are Allergic dermatitis, Atopic dermatitis, eczema, rash, acne, hot flushing etc Within skin diseases, there are some that are easy to be cured, and some that are hard to be cured and needs consistant treatment And those that are hard to be cured are called intractable skin disease.

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One of the typical intractable disease is having white spots on your body called vitiligo or albinism the other common disease is Psoriasis having red popules and very dry skin Besides those, diseases that everyone knows , Atopic dermatitis and contact dermatitis are also some of the intractable diseases You’ve just mentioned about vitiligo, psoriasis and atopic dermatitis yes What I know of these three are that they are really hard to be treated and cured And I heard that Michael Jackson also had one of these diseases yes So this vitiligo! what is this disease.

A vitiligo is having destroyed melanin cells which makes color pigments in our skin in our body. So the white spots appear on the skin Usually, it can be seen within 12 of our population. So it’s a pretty common disease. oh in Korea too If you take a look at the picture, some of the common places that it happens is knee and elbow. It’s shaped in circle or oval like shape. Besides that, it also happens around mouth, face and places that are easily exposed like hands and feet as well.

And also places that are easily overlapped, such as armpit and groin are common body parts to have vertiligo If you look at the skin changes, there’s only color change white in the skin and having white spots and that’s it. And most of the patients themselves don’t have any other symptoms One time I took my 10 year old son to see a dermatologist, because I saw whitish spots on his face, but when I took him there, they said it wasn’t a vitiligo. Yes, having little whitish spots followed by dead skin cells is called ringworm.

It happens only because the skin is so dry. A lot of people gets confused. But vitiligo has more distinctive white spots. When we look at Michael Jackson, does he have vitiligo all over his body It could happen partially at first, and could spread to the whole body as well Vitiligo can happen partially on the body andor it can happen all over the body as well. Then what is the cause of vitiligo What are some of the characteristics The cause of vitiligo is not definitive yet, but it’s a mixture of both genetic and environmental factors and it seems like it’s some kind of autoimmune disease.

Let’s take a look at some slides Let’s look at it one by one The cause and characteristics of vitiligo Let’s take a look Can you see the slide doctor yes Vitiligo’s symptoms coloration or decoloration differ from a person to person somepeople could have partially and some others could have it all over their bodies It’s not so distinctive on people with lighter skin, but when they get tanned, such as during the summer, it could get more distinctive. People with darker skin has more of distinctive white spots, even in the winter, it’s easier to see with distinctive contrast.

And as i said before, the symptoms could be shown as milk colored white spots, but even within those spots’ decoloration may vary and may not be so severe, so you might think that it’s not vitiligo Then at what age does it usually outbreak Though it usually happens between one’s 10s and 30s, it could also happen to kids younger than 10, and to elders older than 50s. Can you tell me what a vitiligo patient should be careful of Can you tell us some of them Vertiligo is mostly affected by acquired factors.

You should avoid being exposed to the sun so much, or avoid getting a cut, or avoid being stressed out both mentally and physically So if you are a vitiligo patient, you really should avoid being exposed to the sun, so you don’t get exposed to the UV The white spots don’t have as much melanin cells that protect the skin, so those areas are more vulnerable to get damaged. So it’s really important to put on sunscreen consistently and be careful of the sun It’s also important not to get cut on your skin, because it’s easier to get white spots on the cut.

And when you get overwhelmed with stress, the white spots tend to spread out more, so be aware that you don’t get stressed out too much The melanin pigment that we are talking about is technically a protection Yes it is When we are exposed to the sun, it’s protecting our bodies by getting tanned So since the vitiligo patients don’t have as much melanin cells, they have to protect themselves by wearing a hat or putting some sunscreen on, right Yes, that is correct Because Caucasians have lighter skin than us and have less melanin cells, it’s easier for them to get skin damage or skin cancer.

So if there’s a lack of melanin cells and if they can’t protect the skin right, so many damages could be done Therefore, vitiligo patients should be extra careful with sun exposure,stress and other factors I want to say one more thing You know how some foreigners have blue eyes yes There are melanin cells in the eyes, right yes So they wear sunglasses to protect their eyes It’s not for fashion,haha On the contrary to vitiligo, something that you have to avoid the sun, there’s a skin disease that should be exposed to the sun to be cured.

Which disease is it One of the intractable disease i mentioned earlier, psoriasis patients tend to get better when they are exposed to the sun Psoriasis, like vitiligo, occurs in Korea as well. About 0.52 of Koreans have this we can say that it’s a relatively common disease It usually happens in one’s 20s so many people get stressed out because that’s the time when people start to work and start social life hmm, I’ve actually heard of psoriasis a few few times before So I’m curious to find out why they are caused and what kind of characteristics they have.

Psoriasis also don’t have specific causes yet But we think it has someting to do with genetic factors and like vitiligo, psoriasis is also caused by acquired factor such as getting skin infected, getting a cut on the skin, or being stressed out moreover, cold and dry weather and dry skin etc could be degenerating factor and trigger factor Ok, now shall we take a look at some photos Let’s hear about what psoriasis is while looking at pictures Psoriasis usually happens on most exposed body parts like knees and elbows which are most vulnerable to getting hurt.

If you take a look at this person’s knee you can see thick dead skin cells along with red spots Those are dead cells Ah, are those dead cells on the knee yes, yes If you look at this picture, this is a picture of elbows The red spots are not so distinctive here but if you look at the upper part of the elbows, you can see thick dead cells yes dead cells here as well silverwhite colored dead cells because psoriasis patients’ dead cells tend to grow and regenerate very fast.

Before the dead cells at the very top layer even falls off, new dead cells are formed underneath So eventually, they get coated over and over with each other, so its’ characteristic silverwhite colored dead cells can be shown There are precautions that psoriasis patients especially have to be aware of yes Getting lots of stress and changes in climates are also deteriorating factors for psoriasis patients as well Because they are vulnerable to driness, like i said earlier, their symptoms tend to get better in the summer, because of UV,.

But their symptoms tend to get worse repeatedly in the fall and winter because it’s so cold and dry yessss These days, in the summer, most of places turn their AC on, so if they don’t get enough UV light outside, the symptoms could get worse even in the summer Because they get worsen mostly because of their dry skin, they have to put on moisturizer even in the summer and of course in the winter they have to make sure they make a habit of it It’s good to have some sunlightUV everyday, but too much of it can also trigger the symptoms, so be careful.

So when we look at the seasons, Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter when do the diseases occur, psoriasis and vitiligo, the most Well.psoriasis occur the most starting from fall to winter, and patients get worse mostly in the winter So the winter is the worst yes because it’s cold and dry, and people tend to not get much sunlight Because vitiligo gets lots of effect of the sun and UV light, they are more noticeable in the summer Now that I think of it, I think I have psoriasis on my elbow.

Yea a pretty lady like you I didn’t know before. I just thought have some dead cells, now that I’ve heard all about it, I think I have it on my elbow Maybe you need some treatment haha Anyways, I think these diseases have to do something with immune system so, when these people get treatment, don’t they have to be treated along with immunotherapy So along with that, could you tell us about the treatment now Yes, for diseases like psoriasis and vitiligo, the treatment needs to be a longterm and continuous.


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